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    This request is to perform Pilot in Command (PIC) and/or Second in Command (SIC) duties for part 91 operations. This request will be routed to the IEA flight operations department for review and approval.

    Acceptable file types: jpg | jpeg | png | gif | pdf | doc | docx | ppt | pptx | odt | avi | ogg | m4a | mov | mp3 | mp4 | mpg | wav

    File upload size must not exceed 2MB on any given input.

    FAA Pilot Certificate (Front and Back)
    FAA Medical Certificate
    Resume w/ Flight Times
    Applicable part 142 training/certification documentation
    Logbook showing recency in type aircraft to be flown
    One of the following Photo ID:
    Driver’s License

    Passport (required if flying international)
    Form W-9
    Direct Deposit Form

    Please check aircrafts you are qualified to fly (insurance approval)

    M20PSR-22PA32RBE35BE36PC-12 (Legacy)PC-12 NGBE200BE300EMB-505DA50DA900CE680IAI1125