With Iron Eagle Aviation’s aircraft management program, you will receive all the benefits of having your own in-house flight department, but without the responsibility or overhead.

We offer a turnkey program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft. Our aircraft management service frees you from all involvement with the operation, maintenance, crew management and administration relating to your private aircraft.

Aircraft ownership is a great responsibility that requires a lot of time and effort. Our goals are safety, convenience, and predictable costs. Simply put, we maximize your dollar and preserve your investment. Our mission is to build enduring relationships with our clients and serve as a guide throughout their aviation path.

Our services include:


Aircraft Storage. By leveraging our industry contacts, we find the best FBO (Fixed Base Operator) and hangar space for your aircraft.


Concierge Services. At your request, we can be your personal concierge. Hotel reservations, ground transportation and in-flight catering are only a few of the services that we offer to our clients.


Maintenance. We ensure that all inspections are made according to regulations and on time. Aircraft under our management receives hands-on oversight of maintenance and repairs. Our people stay on site with the aircraft.


Customer Service. Iron Eagle Aviation is available 24 Hours / 7 Days/Week.


Crew Staffing. All crew exceed FAA training requirements and maintain our highest standards of safety and service expectations.


Consulting. Iron Eagle Aviation offers its expertise and experience to help you purchase your aircraft by finding the right aircraft that fits your needs. We can assist with the negotiation, pre-inspection, flight demonstration, financing and purchase of your aircraft.


Flight Planning and Scheduling. We are constantly monitoring weather conditions and can make adjustments to get you where you need to go. Email or call us to schedule your next trip.


Aircraft Dry-Lease Services. A number of aircraft in our fleet are available on a dry lease basis. Our team will analyze your needs and provide you with a solution tailored to your requirements.


Detailed Accounting. We track expenditures from fuel to crew accommodations and provide detailed invoices.