Executive Team

Amit K. Patel

Chief Operating Officer/Pilot

Amit Patel, a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL has always known from his childhood that he wanted to become a pilot. Growing up in the hospitality industry and managing various hotels/properties from Virginia to Georgia, he brings years of business and entrepreneurial experience to Iron Eagle Aviation. Amit’s interest in aircraft management began over a decade ago when he realized he could combine the skills he has learned from the hospitality industry with his flying skills in the corporate flying world.

As Chief Operating Officer, Amit is responsible for leading the company and overseeing all facets of Iron Eagle Aviation.

Amit is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot, holding type ratings in the Phenom 300, Gulfstream 200, Hawker 800XP, Falcon 50/900, and King Air 350. He also holds commercial pilot privileges for single engine airplanes and is a certified flight instructor.

Manoj K. Lamba

Chief Executive Officer/Pilot

Manoj Lamba a native of Delhi, India and had a dream to become a pilot at a young age. At age 16, he traveled to the United States to make that dream a reality. Prior to serving as CEO at Iron Eagle Aviation, Lamba has spent the last 20 years flying based out of Atlanta, GA for some of Atlanta’s most successful business owners and their families. During this time, Lamba has cultivated his flying skills and built his reputation as one of the greatest pilots in the southeast.

Lamba is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot, holding type ratings in the Phenom 300, Gulfstream G100/G200, IAI Astra, Cessna Citation Latitude, Cessna Citation Sovereign, Falcon 50/900 and the King Air 350.

Akshar V. Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Akshar Patel graduated summa cum laude from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He also studied at the University of Oxford in England.

As Iron Eagle Aviation’s Chief Financial Officer, Akshar is responsible for financial planning and execution of the company’s strategic initiatives and business growth.

Akshar Patel is a Managing Partner and Investment Professional at Flatiron Asset Management, a diversified investment and advisory firm that utilizes a multi-strategy platform across Funds, real estate, private equity, and venture capital.

Prior to Flatiron, Akshar was an Investment Banking Professional at J.P. Morgan focusing on M&A transactions. During his tenure at the bank, Akshar quickly rose to the top ranks and advised on numerous multi-billion dollar transactions for both public and private companies. His aviation deal experience included the American Airlines restructuring and merger with United Airlines, Air Lease Corporation’s debt financing, and Waha Capital’s strategy on its AerCap investment.

Operations Team

Allen Kurtovic

Operations Manager

Allen Kurtovic, originally from Prijedor, Bosnia, is the first aviator in his family and the initial member born in the United States. A graduate of Georgia State University in 2019, with a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and a minor in Accounting, Allen began his aviation journey in 2016.

Currently with IEA, Allen coordinates maintenance, sources aircraft parts, manages logbooks, and oversees international flight operations. Beyond aviation, his background includes expertise in electronics, specializing in board and circuit repair, as well as building custom PCs for diverse needs. At the age of 18, Allen founded Phone Doctor of Atlanta, showcasing entrepreneurial skills before selling the business in 2019.

Chetna Yadav

Accounting Manager

Chetna Yadav holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Amity Business School in Haryana, India. Her professional experience includes roles in both Accounting and Human Resources departments at Sampark Search Pvt Ltd and Surya Pvt Ltd. Since 2014, she has been serving as the Accounting Manager at Iron Eagle Aviation, where she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth day-to-day financial record-keeping operations.

K. Ciara Schaff

Flight Coordinator

Ciara started as a parts associate at Snapper Pro Lawn at 15 and pursued studies at Georgia State in Dunwoody, GA. Coordinating flights since 2016, she joined Iron Eagle Aviation in October 2021, marking her entry into the aviation industry. As the first in her family in aviation, Ciara is driven by a genuine passion for coordination in this dynamic field, bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to her role. With a strong foundation in both hands-on experience and academic knowledge, she continues to make valuable contributions to the evolving landscape of aviation coordination.

David C. Kleinhans

Aircraft Logistical Support

David entered the aviation industry in 2017 as a detailer, showcasing adaptability and dedication, he transitioned seamlessly into office roles, becoming an integral part of logistical support, and now, in a key position, he focuses on meticulous asset maintenance for the overall smooth operation of the aviation team.

Pilot Staff

Felix Badell


Felix Badell, a Commercial Aviation Pilot, graduated from the Civil Aviation School “Miguel Rodriguez” in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1977. Starting his professional aviation career at the age of 23, Felix honed his flying skills and gained valuable expertise with Venezuela’s largest oil corporation, Petróleos de Venezuela, amassing over 14,000 flight hours.

Having relocated to Florida in 2016 and obtaining US Citizenship, Felix continues his more than 40-year career, consistently delivering a world-class international and domestic flying experience. Motivated to maintain an excellent flying record, he remains dedicated to providing outstanding service to his clients.

In 1995, he achieved the Airline Transport Pilot qualification at American Flyers in Florida, USA. Felix holds type ratings in the Beech 1900, Hawker 700/800, Gulfstream GI, and is a Captain with SIC ratings for G-100/150/200 and EMB-505.

Colin Pace


Colin Pace began flying at the age of 17 while attending Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, GA. After graduation, he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL before returning to Atlanta to work for his family’s company.

Aviation and customer care have always been passions for Colin, whose family who owned and maintained a fleet of aircraft for the HoneyBaked Ham Company. It was here he learned of the premiere quality of service offered in the field of general aviation and how each customer deserves the best possible experience. Colin spent three years flying patients for charitable fights around the southeast and holds both single and multi-commercial ratings.

Matthew D. Rountree


Matthew Rountree, a first-generation pioneer pilot, discovered his passion for aviation during his time at the University of Georgia. A test flight ignited his love for flying, leading him to pursue a degree in Communications. After graduating, Matt wasted no time and promptly enrolled in flight school.

Post-flight school, he gained hands-on experience working on the line at Signature, where months of fueling, towing, and ground operations provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of making private flying possible. This role not only honed his skills but also allowed him to build connections and develop exceptional hospitality skills.

Presently, Matt is at the controls of the PC-12 and serves as Second In Command (SIC) in the Phenom 300 and Hawker 800XP/900XP Series, showcasing his journey from ground operations to piloting sophisticated aircraft.

Carson D. Luke


Carson Luke, a graduate of Liberty University School of Aeronautics, found his passion for aviation in 2019 while undergoing pilot training during his high school years. Being the inaugural aviator in his family, Carson takes pride in setting a course for aspiring pilots within his kin.

With a dedicated tenure of over a year at Iron Eagle Aviation, Carson actively contributes to the team while continually advancing his skills in the dynamic field of aviation. His journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a pursuit of knowledge as he navigates the skies and expands his impact within the aviation community.

Lance Chapman Hill


Lance Hill, a native of Blairsville, GA, embarked on his flying career at the age of 17, driven by a family tradition that spans generations, tracing back to his great-grandfather. Surrounded by a family of pilots, both men and women, Lance quickly immersed himself in the world of aviation. Shortly after initiating his flying journey, he attained his commercial license, instrument and multi-engine ratings, and became a certified flight instructor.

Lance’s dedication to his family legacy and his expertise in flying make him a valuable asset to the aviation community. Currently, Lance holds the PIC type rating for a Gulfstream G200, showcasing his proficiency in handling advanced aircraft. In addition to this, he consistently operates the PC12 and various other aircraft within the company, contributing to the dynamic and diverse aviation landscape.

Cameron L. Gahafer


Cameron Gahafer is a licensed commercial pilot with over 12 years of progressive flying experience for both multi-engine and single-engine aircraft. Growing up with a passion for flying, Cameron knew he wanted to be a professional pilot since he was 11 years old, and decidedly began his flying career at the age of 18.

Cameron graduated magna cum laude with his Bachelors in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the world’s largest and most respected university for aviation and aerospace. While studying at Embry-Riddle, he also worked in customer service and hospitality, and earned his instrument rating, commercial single and multi-engine ratings.

Cameron brings over 15 years of customer service, hospitality, entrepreneurial and management experience to Iron Eagle Aviation. He is committed to serving clients with integrity and professionalism, and providing them with a personable, enjoyable and safe flying experience every time.

Cameron is currently Captain of the Pilatus PC-12 and holds SIC ratings in both the Phenom 300 and King Air 350.

Jay Folgman


Jay Folgman, introduced to flying by his father, who obtained his pilot’s license in 2004, knew from an early age that he wanted to be involved in aviation. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in business management at the University of North Georgia. Following his education, Jay worked for his father’s company, Rencom Inc, serving as a job site foreman overseeing various renovation projects.

In 2018, Jay took his first flight lesson at Flight Train Monroe, rekindling his love for aviation and solidifying his decision to pursue it as a career. After obtaining his private license in early 2019, he fast-tracked his training at ATP in Lawrenceville, GA. Upon completion, Jay returned to his local airport in Monroe, GA, where he began his flying career, now as an instructor. Over time, he has instructed numerous students, witnessing each of them obtain their licenses and nurture their passion for flying.

Holding Single Engine and Multi-Engine Commercial ratings, as well as CFI/CFI-I certifications, Jay is typed in the Phenom 300 and also flies the Pilatus PC-12 and Cirrus SR-22. In every flight, he brings professionalism, integrity to the cockpit, and strives to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

Matt Birdsong


Matt Birdsong, a Georgia Southern University graduate from St. Simons Island, Georgia, grew up surrounded by aviation and always aspired to be a pilot. He is a third-generation pilot, following in his father’s footsteps, who recently retired after 40 years as a Captain and Line Check Airman at Delta Air Lines.

Matt earned his Instrument, Commercial Single, and Multi-Engine ratings at ATP Flight School’s Peachtree-Dekalb training center. He is also a Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, and Multi-Engine Instructor, showcasing his dedication to aviation education and expertise in the field. With a family legacy in aviation, Matt brings a practical and experienced approach to his role as a pilot and instructor.

Alex Kirkland


Alex Kirkland, a Georgia native and first-generation aviator, discovered his love for flying at 13 and earned his pilot’s license at 17 while in high school. He graduated from Middle Georgia State University’s Aviation and Engineering programs.

Actively involved in the aviation community, Alex volunteers as a Young Eagle Pilot and mentor for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), giving over 150 kids their first flight. He’s also a member of the Young Aviators council at Triple Tree Aerodrome, hosting major aviation events.

As a licensed commercial multi-engine pilot, Alex brings years of experience in providing air tours around Atlanta. With a background in maintaining and managing a local flying club’s fleet, he currently serves as a Second In Command (SIC) on the Pilatus PC-12 and Phenom 300. Alex aspires to become a captain at Iron Eagle Aviation, contributing to the company’s growth in the aviation industry.

Sanjaya Malindra Perera


Sanjaya, originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, kicked off his flying career at 16. After moving to the U.S. in 2017, he got his FAA ratings and briefly worked as a flight instructor before pursuing more education.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude in professional piloting from Lynn University, Florida, Sanjaya took on roles as a flight operations specialist, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic. He later joined Iron Eagle Aviation, where he pilots various aircraft in the company’s fleet, including the Pilatus PC-12 47/47E, Cirrus SR-22, and Phenom 300.

Outside of Iron Eagle Aviation, Sanjaya works as an aircraft mechanic for a reputable company in the southeast region. He also holds FAA certifications as a flight, flight instrument, and multi-engine instructor, contributing his diverse skills to the aviation field.